Japan is an island country in the Pacific Rim, situated in northeast Asia, neighboring China, South Korea, and a number of other Asian countries.Located approximately in the middle of Japan, Nagoya is a center of modern Japanese craftsmanship, where Toyota Motor Corporation and many other automotive industries, robotic industries, and aerospace industries are concentrated. However, Nagoya is a city of history and conventional industries where Japanese traditional craftsmanship in ceramics, dying, cutlery, and other industries is still very much alive today. NUA is only 17 minutes from Nagoya Station. It is just a short journey to the central area of Nagoya, where numerous art galleries, museums, and other facilities for promoting civic exchange and improvement of art and culture are located.


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Nagoya University of the Arts
(West Campus)
65 Nishinuma Tokushige, Kitanagoya-shi,
Aichi-Ken, 481-8535, JAPAN



Nagoya University of the Arts ( NUA )

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